Global Collaboration

Global Collaborations

The InFACT working group on global collaboration seeks to promote inter- organizational and international collaboration to enhance the efficiency and the relevance  of collaborative acute care research. On the one hand, we seek to characterize the challenges involved in inter-group collaborations, and to develop acceptable guidelines for such collaboration that will facilitate wider collaboration between member groups studying common research themes. On the other hand, we seek to develop and promote novel strategies for international  collaboration, including Bayesian adaptive designs and cluster RCTs that can facilitate  international collaboration within a framework of national research autonomy.

In this regard, we are collaborating closely with the International Severe Acute and Emerging respiratory Infections Consortium (ISARIC) to design and implement a global adaptive clinical trial assessing widely available and inexpensive interventions that may benefit severely ill patients with severe acute respiratory infections.

Executive Members

  • ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
  • BRICNet
  • George Institute
  • GiViTI
  • GSA
  • ICS UK
  • LASI
  • SCCTG-Scottish
  • SCCTG-Scandinavian
  • SOAP Investigators