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What is InFACT?

The International Forum for Acute Care Trialists (InFACT) was launched in 2008 as a network of investigator-led clinical research groups and academic institutions whose focus is the optimal care of critically ill children and adults. Our members include some two dozen such organizations from around the world, spanning a spectrum of research foci, structural formality, and experience.

InFACT was launched to support the activities of its member groups by:

  • Addressing research challenges and needs that are common to researchers around the world
  • Providing an informal forum to promote collegiality and collaboration between and among its members
  • Linking acute care clinical sites around the world to facilitate global collaboration in research, public health activities, and education
  • Raising the profile of investigator-led acute care research with funding bodies, health care policy and decision-makers, and the general public

Who is InFACT?

InFACT full members are established investigator-led clinical trials groups or academic research consortia who support the ideals of collaborative, collegial, and open research into the problems facing seriously ill patients. Emerging research consortia may join as affiliate members, while individual investigators who share these interests may join as non-voting members. Membership carries no financial or intellectual obligations beyond sharing the ideals of InFACT and being willing to work collaboratively to achieve these.

How Is InFACT Supported?

InFACT is currently unfunded, relying for support of its activities on the generosity of its members, and the support of professional societies who have enabled InFACT meetings in conjunction with national and international conferences.

With seed money from our 2011 colloquium, InFACT has launched this website and plans to incorporate as a not-for-profit organization. We are shaping a business plan that will see support for InFACT activities and operations coming from a variety of sources including national and international funding agencies, targeted scientific grant applications, and industry through an arm’s length advisory council. We work closely with a number of like-minded organizations, including intensive care societies such as the European Society for Intensive Care Medicine and the World Federation of Societies  of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, broad investigative networks such as ISARIC, and health care policy bodies such as the World Health Organization (WHO).


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Executive Members

  • ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
  • BRICNet
  • George Institute
  • GiViTI
  • GSA
  • ICS UK
  • LASI
  • SCCTG-Scottish
  • SCCTG-Scandinavian
  • SOAP Investigators